Selenite is a piece of heaven gifted by Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. Its pure ethereal light embraces the body, raising your vibration and activating the crown chakra. Expanding awareness to the higher planes of consciousness, Selenite attunes to receiving messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Its naturally forming wands are used by healers to cleanse the aura and remove negative entities. Dissolving blockages, Selenite directs the flow of energy throughout the body, bringing your emotions back into balance. Aligning with the intention of serving the highest good, Selenite invites an enlightened transformation. Its shimmering luster is a reminder that sometimes a new perspective is all that is needed to see the light.

Illuminating any space, keeping Selenite throughout your home creates a safe and serene environment. Used in crystal grids, it forms a protective shield to ward off outside influences. Its soothing vibration harmonizes with all other stones, amplifying and cleansing their energy. Selenite never requires cleansing itself and should be kept out of contact with water.


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